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So, this post is probably 5 years late but you know what they say, better late than NEVER. I made my first chip bag is 2015 and it has drastically changed my life and pretty much help create the platform I have today. At first, I thought it was kind of silly that out of all of the things I knew how to do - all people wanted to learn from me was how to make chip bags. Once I embraced that, it opened up a whole new world of party favors that I hadn’t even thought about creating before. If you want to dive into the wild world of CUSTOM PARTY FAVORS, you’ve come to the right place. I have an actual school to teach you everything you need to know. Well, an online school. PINK SUGAR SCHOOL! It’s not one of those fancy programs with a crest or anything. In fact with “pink” and “sugar” in your name can you be anything but fun, easy and lighthearted? No, you can’t. So if you want to learn some true skills but still have lighthearted fun while doing so…check out all of the favor lessons I have to offer!

Want to design your own bag in Photoshop? Don’t worry if you’ve never used it. I’ll teach you step by step until you’re finished and you get to join my private facebook group for students click here to grab the class:

Now, to the world famous CHIP BAGS! Wait until you see how easy it is to assemble these guys. But first, let’s talk tools. Below, you can find all of the tools I use personally. Everyone has their personal favorite picks for paper, adhesive etc. BUT if you wanna do it exactly how I’ve done thousands in the last 5 years…here’s what you need to grab:

You can find everything in my Amazon store here: PSS Amazon Store

Want to download these FREE HALLOWEEN CHIP BAG FILES and follow along with the video? Click the buttons below.

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Welp, that’s it! Easy right? Here’s a couple shots of chip bags I had fun doing in the past. As you can see these favors fit soooo many themes and you can use them for so many different treats. Have chip bag questions, ask below!

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It's my party and I'll craft if I want to...



Catch My Party

Get these gorg foil balloons  here !

Get these gorg foil balloons here!

So, this year for my 32nd birthday party I decided to have a small (NOT) paint night. Two weeks prior to my birthday I had an awesome time at my friend's paint night and I automatically knew I wanted to do it again!

From L to R...Me, my sissy and our two friends (the hosts)

From L to R...Me, my sissy and our two friends (the hosts)

All of us!

All of us!

I had been dying to design a Kate Spade party for the last few years and I have an undying love for all things Chanel so I definitely wanted to incorporate that as well. So without further ado, here's some pics of my party! Details on how I made everything below.

I didn't get great pics of everything as a whole :( but I got great closeups! Purchase pink tissue poms  here .

I didn't get great pics of everything as a whole :( but I got great closeups! Purchase pink tissue poms here.

Balloons purchased at Party City. Find them  here !

Balloons purchased at Party City. Find them here!


You can't have a fabulous party without gold donuts and dipped rock candy. I dry brushed the gold luster dust on the donuts (Dunkin') using CK Gold and a powder brush! I mixed the gold with a little lemon juice and painted the tips of the rock candy to achieve the dipped look.

For the chocolate covered Oreos, I used Merckens white chocolate wafers, an Oreo mold, Chanel edible images and fondant embellishments using this Bow Mold and this Flower Mold.

I decided to keep the cupcakes simple. Two flavors: Butter Pecan and Vanilla. I use Betty Crocker Butter Pecan mix to get the perfect flavor and I add real buttered pecans to the batter that I simmer on the stove for about 3-5 minutes. Save a few to sprinkle on top of your favorite cream cheese or vanilla frosting.

I featured these candy bar purses on both sides of the table. I used my candy bar Photoshop template. I designed it to look like a Chanel purse and added gold chain links to make it look more realistic.

I also featured custom chip bags with Strawberry Champagne popcorn inside. Want to learn how to create these bags? I have a class for that! Head over to my shop and check it out. It's $25 and I teach how I design and assemble the bags.

Here's a final shot of the whole table. Hope you enjoyed a peak into my party! Have a question or comment? Leave it below!


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