DIY Layered Mermaid Invitation - Using my Cricut Maker!


Hi guys!

So, you know I received a Cricut Maker and I have just been having so much fun playing with it! Here’s one of the first projects I created. This Mermaid invitation is so fun and pretty easy to whip up. It features, layered card stocks and a clear vinyl material. Watch the video below to see how I created it step by step! I created a few more mermaid items to match, I’ll be posting those soon!

You can find the Cricut Maker and Cricut TrueControl Knife used in this video at: (*affil link) Score 10% off $50 or more PLUS free shipping when you use code “partymavens” at checkout. Excludes Machines, Presses & Bright Pads.


It's my party and I'll craft if I want to...



Catch My Party

Get these gorg foil balloons  here !

Get these gorg foil balloons here!

So, this year for my 32nd birthday party I decided to have a small (NOT) paint night. Two weeks prior to my birthday I had an awesome time at my friend's paint night and I automatically knew I wanted to do it again!

From L to R...Me, my sissy and our two friends (the hosts)

From L to R...Me, my sissy and our two friends (the hosts)

All of us!

All of us!

I had been dying to design a Kate Spade party for the last few years and I have an undying love for all things Chanel so I definitely wanted to incorporate that as well. So without further ado, here's some pics of my party! Details on how I made everything below.

I didn't get great pics of everything as a whole :( but I got great closeups! Purchase pink tissue poms  here .

I didn't get great pics of everything as a whole :( but I got great closeups! Purchase pink tissue poms here.

Balloons purchased at Party City. Find them  here !

Balloons purchased at Party City. Find them here!


You can't have a fabulous party without gold donuts and dipped rock candy. I dry brushed the gold luster dust on the donuts (Dunkin') using CK Gold and a powder brush! I mixed the gold with a little lemon juice and painted the tips of the rock candy to achieve the dipped look.

For the chocolate covered Oreos, I used Merckens white chocolate wafers, an Oreo mold, Chanel edible images and fondant embellishments using this Bow Mold and this Flower Mold.

I decided to keep the cupcakes simple. Two flavors: Butter Pecan and Vanilla. I use Betty Crocker Butter Pecan mix to get the perfect flavor and I add real buttered pecans to the batter that I simmer on the stove for about 3-5 minutes. Save a few to sprinkle on top of your favorite cream cheese or vanilla frosting.

I featured these candy bar purses on both sides of the table. I used my candy bar Photoshop template. I designed it to look like a Chanel purse and added gold chain links to make it look more realistic.

I also featured custom chip bags with Strawberry Champagne popcorn inside. Want to learn how to create these bags? I have a class for that! Head over to my shop and check it out. It's $25 and I teach how I design and assemble the bags.

Here's a final shot of the whole table. Hope you enjoyed a peak into my party! Have a question or comment? Leave it below!


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