I Got Invited To Facebook Headquarters!!

So, this post is a little late but within reason. I have been super busy over the last 30 days! One of the biggest highlights was getting invited to go to Facebook Headquarters to attend the Facebook Communities Summit!

Here’s an inside look at my journey to Facebook!


I got into the groove of working at home, creating and teaching others how to make awesome party favors and more. I was missing one thing…CO-WORKERS! Believe it or not, its possible to miss having co-workers! I wanted to create a space where I could go and meet other like-minded individuals in my industry, grow, network, inspire and be inspired. I hopped on Facebook and started a group that I decided to name PARTY MAVENS! It’s been a wild ride ever since! I’ve met so many influential women and men, gained life long friends, built partnerships and worked with tons to create so much Maven Magic. I’m still in awe!



Facebook made me a POWER ADMIN!! Sounds super important, huh? To be honest…I didn’t even know what it meant at first or if I deserved such a title but I accepted and never looked back. So what’s a power admin? It’s a position for those who run totally awesome groups on Facebook, we’re in a special group where we hear about and discuss new features before they come on Facebook. We voice our concerns and needs as group admins on Facebook and most importantly…THEY LISTEN! It’s like a really awesome admin focus group!



If being a Power Admin over the last year wasn’t enough, FB decided to go ahead and top it by inviting me to Facebook Headquarters. That’s when it got real!! There were interviews and EVERYTHING! Y’all know I haven’t interviewed in years but apparently talking way too much paid off! They said I answered all the questions before they got a chance to ask them. I’m still trying to figure out if that was a compliment…teehee!



Fast FWD to Feb 2019, headed to Facebook Headquarters not imagining how life changing the experience would truly be! I took my sis/biz partner with me to keep me grounded because she always gives me the real. No Beyonce egos over here when she’s around! These pics seriously don’t even do it justice. The networking, business advice, friendships and fun that took place was immeasurable. Still pinching myself. I literally get asked about my experience once a day and I’m just enjoying reliving the magic over and over!

If you’re a party enthusiast and not apart of my super awesome group on facebook click the link below to join! We would love to have ya!!